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Mar 26, 2020

Digital Marketing - Concept and Definition

Digital Marketing, as the name implies, is good old marketing, but worked through digital tools. It is the set of strategic actions applied in digital media (internet and mobile technologies), to win and retain customers, increasing the company's market share.

It consists of action plans to publicize and market services and products, improving the relationship network of companies. After all, new media, new forms of communication. Digital marketing is an extension of marketing itself, the difference being the channels used, since it involves the use of all devices connected to the internet and their functionality to spread messages.

The actions are adapted to digital media, aiming to enhance the effects of traditional marketing, since the internet is a convenient, accessible platform that offers competitive opportunities for companies of all sizes.

Thus, digital marketing encompasses the practice of promoting products, services or the brand itself, through the internet, reaching consumers in a fast, personalized and efficient way.

Actions need planning so that the execution is appropriate to the tools used and the objective that is to be achieved. The internet offers many possibilities for disclosure and growth for companies, one of which is direct communication with customers.

Strategy and content are the keywords when it comes to digital marketing. On the internet, companies differ not only for their products and services, but also for the content they offer on their websites and social media. Some of the main purposes of digital marketing are: to make your potential customers know and find your company, to create public confidence in your brand, to create a lasting relationship with your customers.

The most used strategies are sponsored links (Google ads), page optimization (which puts your site on the first page of search engines), email marketing, social media, and content marketing (information relevant to create trust and assist the user in the purchase decision).

Digital marketing is efficient planning for any company, as it represents an extremely competitive tool, since the internet is present everywhere, including smartphones and tablets. It is a comprehensive channel that has several possibilities for actions to publicize a brand, making a company stand out from the rest.

The constant development of these new technologies only further expands the potential of digital marketing strategies. It is the ideal communication plan for companies to gain space and become a reference to their target audience.

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