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Feb 8, 2020

How To Find Relevant Niche Blogs For SEO Blog Commenting

It's very easy to find blogs in your niche for blog commenting which is a major factor in off-page SEO aka Link Building. It's very important to leave comments on relevant blogs otherwise you will not make a lot of ranking improvements.

Here are some phrases you can use to search for niche blogs related to SEO: 

seo tips "post a comment" site:*
seo "post a comment" site:*
organic traffic "post a comment" site:*
digital marketing "post a comment" site:*
search ranking "post a comment" site:*
linkbuilding "post a comment" site:*
If you search using these terms, you will find hundreds of thousands of blogger platform blogs related to SEO niche. Just replace these keywords with anything you want and get tons of blogs to comment on. If you like this tip. Please share and spread the word!


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