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6 Citation Building Myths Busted!

The SEO space is mired with myriad myths and speculations that often lead to confusion among website owners and SEO handling agencies alike. Today we are taking a look at the six most common Citation Building Myths prevalent in the local SEO scene.

The 6 Citation Building Myths Plaguing Local SEO

1. Suite numbers are of paramount importance to local SEO

The truth of the matter is that Google does not have a mechanism yet to recognize the humongous amount of suite numbers for Google Business Listings. Although you are asked to enter one when creating the My Business Page, mostly the entry gets truncated as Google is still reliant on the locations pin marker for determining the address of a property. So you need not worry overmuch about having a suite number in your citation – put one if you have one.

2. Your citations’ business name should match exactly all over the Internet

Google’s algorithms are smarter than we perceive them to be, in other words, you need not worry about small discrepancies in your business name on various listings. For example; say your business name is listed as “Digital Obsession SEO Agency” in one citation and as “Gurgaon SEO Agency: Digital Obsession”, Google should easily identify the two as one and the same, as long as the phone number and address are used consistently.

3. You need to get your NAP right on all the listings (100s of them)

This is more of a scare tactic used by SEO agencies to get you to sign them up. A good SEO agency will tell you not to worry about cleaning up your citations on hundreds of URLs which aren’t even indexed by Google due to subpar content and duplication of information. Therefore, it is important that you choose your SEO partners carefully who can give you some genuine and honest opinion on your local SEO needs.

4. Canceling an automated citation service is risk-free

You might have occasionally wondered about canceling your subscription with a NAP management company. Recent evidence has come out where the listings converted back to their previous erroneous state after canceling the service of a NAP management company.

This information, however, isn’t yet universally verified and if your business is relatively new, you may not be impacted in the same way as an older business with an online presence will be affected.

5. Citation building is all you need to have a successful local SEO

We found in our research that although citation building is important for getting backlinks, it might not create much value for your business in the end if you rely only on citations. You need to look at additional link building strategies for getting over and above your competition as Google deems links as the key competitive differentiator in its My Business Rankings.

6. Google My Business Listing is also a citation

Probably the most misconstrued thing on the internet today for local SEO. Your Google My Business listing is not a citation, albeit think of it as a common reference point for all the citations on the Internet, therefore getting it right should be your first priority.

Contact us for more information and genuine advice on how to build local SEO strategies for your business.


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