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Nov 23, 2019

5 Ingenious Ways You Can Do SEO To Rank Higher On Google

Website ranking on Google has become an obsession, not only for a large number of SEO webmasters but also for small businesses in general due to the immense advantages it has to offer.

There is no denying that organic traffic from this medium is capable of eclipsing any other types of web traffic that exists.

This phenomenon has led many SEO agencies to gather real amounts of income, but not all companies have access to the budgets (sometimes exorbitant) that many of these agencies present to their clients.

While SME's do not have sufficient capital to invest in SEO, the entrepreneur has taken it upon itself to buy a host, template and blog.

The question then arises, how much of the content produced by these companies manage to rank higher on Google versus the ever-growing number of organisations that devote finances to SEO positioning every month? Read on to find out.

According to the 'Theory Of Democracy' as presented by Google, content that is incredible, will rank, irrespective of resource unavailability for machines (VPS or dedicated servers), first-level links (paid link building), personalised web or HTML with page speed of 100.

Likewise, the SEO concept of 'User Response' favours this line of thought: content that is responsive to user needs, will achieve a higher rank on Google.

The above question can then be answered with three words: 'win by quality'. The only way left for the SME and the entrepreneur is to curate high-quality content on their own.

Below are 5 valuable SEO tips pertinent for any person, with or without resources, coveting a higher rank on Google.

If you happen to know these tips beforehand but would like to learn more about SEO, I recommend reading 'How to apply SEO in your online marketing strategy'.

5 Tricks To Rank a Web Page On Google

1. Only Index What You Want To be Ranked

A common practice in almost all the websites I have analysed is that 'all sides of the web' (the meta tag that allows Google to index your content) have been indexed by default.

This should not be the case. It is important to demarcate and exclude content we don't want to be ranked in the index, for the purpose of preventing Googlebot (the Google robot) from wasting time in sections of the page that are of no relevance. A typical example of this would be "Contact" or "Privacy Policy".

Nowadays, this can be easily configured in four clicks via an SEO plugin available at a CMS such as WordPress.

Think about it: would a user arrive at your website by seeking out words such as the ones referenced above on Google?

2. Write What Readers Are Searching

In my point of view, this is perhaps the most relevant practice within the considered 'SEO white hat'.

Devising content with keywords that users input on Google guarantees a website to appear in the top results and enables it to reach the right people.

Keyword Planner, an official and free tool of Google, no longer discloses the exact search results if you do not have active Adword campaigns, but there are a variety of low cost and free options that will help derive the optimal outcome.

If you are in the beginning stages of your website and want to delve into the world of ranking but happen to lack resources to invest in keyword research, services like are great. A few others include:
  • Ubersuggest
  • Keyword Sheeter
  • Answer the public
  • Google Trends
Even though these are completely free, you will not obtain the exact number of searches in comparison to the results from the aforementioned or SEMrush. However, it is advisable to use these tools rather than writing content based on "boleo" or "intuition".

Develop your content with the support of searches and you will always win in the long term.

3. When To Use The NoFollow Tag

This third point has an independent theory. Google tracks internal links, adding or subtracting value from a website for any link that is not clicked on frequently. Therefore, it would be beneficial to place posts and pages that are irrelevant to your the audience, searches or interactions under a 'NoFollow' tag.

Similarly, links to social networking sites and any other external link you may own (banners, affiliation, etc) should be placed under the NoFollow tag.

4. Focus On Free Links That Bring Traffic To Your Website

When you are just getting started with a website, there is no need to focus on link building if the following things are true:

Prevalent in a sector with low to medium competition.
Do not have enough resources to invest in links.
However, there are still some things you could do to acquire a higher rank.

Start with the basics and acquire more links as you grow.

Apart from social networking sites, begin by pasting links in the comments section of external web pages, in order to drive traffic to your website. Google values this traffic as an extra point while ranking websites. What's more? It's completely free of cost. Give it a try now!

5. Build Loyalty & Gain Recurring Traffic

This is probably one of the most complicated components of the internet niche. The basic premise here is to create relevant content that leaves people wanting more.

Gain subscribers, generate loyalty and offer content that will attract users to your website time and time again. The 'brand' factor is one of the most rewarded things in the search engine today, and this is developed by recurring visits.

I hope this was a healthy crash course. Put it to the test and tell me your results by commenting below!

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