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Oct 31, 2019

LinkedIn Marketing Tricks Exposed: How To Grow Your Network On LinkedIn

If you do not know anything about LinkedIn, then there is every probability that you have been living under a rock. This is because LinkedIn is the largest professional platform on the planet with over 500 million users in over 200 nations. If you are looking for the best hires, investors, professional opportunities or business partners, LinkedIn is surely the place for you. So, now that you have opened your own profile on LinkedIn, how do you grow your network and make the best of the platform?
Many people become clueless after they have opened their LinkedIn profile. They do not even know who to add to their network or who they should connect with. All these uncertainties can mess up the experience they have on this amazing platform. 

Although some may think that growing a network should not be difficult on a platform with well over half a billion users, the truth is that most people become stuck once they finish going through their own contact list and it becomes a problem for them to expand their network in any meaningful way. If you are wondering how you can grow your network on LinkedIn, you have nothing to worry about anymore. This piece is going to discuss the nine best ways you can achieve this.

1.     Have Measurable Targets
As with any other task, you should set measurable targets in your attempt to expand your network on LinkedIn. For example, you need to set a goal for the number of connections you want to add up in 30 days. This way, you can track progress every day or even every week.
2.     Put Thoughts into Your Connection Requests
Many people do not record any success with their efforts to expand their LinkedIn network and this is because they do not really think before sending out those connection requests. Even though the platform will show you all sorts of connections on those that you may know, do not just press the connect button. If all you do is just to click the button, a boring standardized request is what the other person will get. So, the best thing for you is to visit the profile page of the person and click the connect button from there. You stand a better chance that way especially when you add a sincere and personalized message to your request.
3.     Remember the Connections Made
 Following up will help you a lot when it comes to expanding your LinkedIn network. Assume you meet people at a seminar or a business event, do not just forget about them after the event. Try to make efforts to follow up with these new friends even after the event and then reach out to them via LinkedIn. This is one of the most effective ways to grow your network on the platform.
4.     Be Active
If you are on LinkedIn, do not be like those who just open the profile and never post anything. Always endeavor to make posts from time to time. Also, when others interact with your posts and updates, you should do the same too. By making posts regularly, you ensure that even more people are exposed to seeing your content and thus, you get more connections to your end.
5.     Make Your Page Catchy
Posting on LinkedIn is one thing but making the posts very interesting and attractive is another thing entirely. For your social media posts, utilize photos as this significantly increases the level of engagement that you have with those who are already in your network and those who are going to be exposed to your page with time. Visual content is one of the most effective ways to grow your network on LinkedIn. One other thing you can do is to share links that have catchy photos in their thumbnails.
6.     Network with Existing Connections
Do not just make connections and ignore them. You should make sure that you regularly hook up with those who are already in your network. This is probably one of the most important steps you can take when it comes to growing the network that you have already. One way by which you can maintain your interaction with them is to like or comment on their content or you can even craft some thoughtful messages and send to them via inbox. This really goes a long way in not only maintaining your existing network but also strengthens it.
7.     Utilize Other Social Media Platforms
Some may think that if they have to grow their network on LinkedIn, they only have to do so on LinkedIn and LinkedIn alone. But this is definitely not so because you can actually grow your network on LinkedIn by very well making use of other social media platforms. How can this be done, you may ask? An efficient way to get this done is to share your LinkedIn URL on your other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or even Snapchat. This is even more effective in cases where you happen to have a huge number of followers or fans.
8.     Make Use of Keywords Too
Growing your LinkedIn network cannot be complete without talking about the all-important keywords. Because LinkedIn allows people to reach your page based on the keywords that you select, you need to make the best of this feature. Tweak the keywords in exact ways that they describe you very precisely.
9.     Release Content from Time to Time
Either you decide to publish your own very educative pieces or you choose to share the links to the other pieces published by others on your network, the important thing is for you to always ensure that your page never lacks very valuable content. The more content you are able to post on your page, the better and this explains why those who share very useful resources on their pages usually have the biggest networks and that is clearly not a coincidence. After all, at the end of the day, we realize the most important thing about LinkedIn – sharing.

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