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Oct 9, 2019

5 Easy SEO Tips to Improve the Positioning of Your Website in 2020

SEO, also called web positioning, is one of the best ways to attract new customers to our website through its optimization on Google and other search engines.

Every company that has just landed on the Internet knows how difficult it can be to attract new customers and start reaping fruit quickly. There are many ways to promote yourself on the Internet: Having an attractive web design, creating campaigns on social networks, advertising on Google Ads. 

... But one of the channels with more advantages for your online strategy will always be SEO.

Thanks to SEO, we are able to significantly increase our web traffic by positioning our pages and products in the first results of Google.

Undoubtedly, being the first on Google in a search with large volumes ahead of millions of websites has many advantages ... But how do we get it? How can we be able to overthrow our competitors who stick their claws in Google's top positions?

In our post, we have prepared for you a small guide with some SEO tips, easy to implement and that will bring you great results in a short time.

We start!

SEO tricks to be the first in Google

1. Choose your keywords wisely

Before even launching your website you have to be clear about the main keywords that you are going to want to position. A very common mistake in many projects is to incorrectly choose the keywords that are going to work on the web. Not making this mistake is essential since keywords are the foundation of your project. All the SEO actions and optimizations that we do should focus on strengthening specific keywords so we have to choose with caution.

Tip: Make a study of your sector. Discover how people search, what terms are used more, what search intentions best solves your project, what keywords your competitors work on… Know what your ideal keywords are and you will succeed.

2. Place your keywords well

Once your keywords are well chosen, it is time to distribute them between the different pages that will make up your website.

An easy and very effective way to do this is to focus each page on the main keyword and its semantic variations. In this way, we make it very clear to Google why we want to position the page.

Tip: Include your main keyword in the most important sites: Meta title, Meta description, URL, H1, H2, H3, ALTs, content ... etc.

3. Be original, do not copy content

If there is something Google hates, it is duplicate content. Google greatly penalizes all those who abuse the classic "control + C and Control + V" too much. So do not fall into temptation.

In addition, the user will also appreciate that you offer fresh and quality information, so spending time creating truly useful texts and content without copying will be key for your pages to start scaling positions.

Tip: When creating new content, ask yourself a simple question: What questions and concerns can I solve? What message can I convey to the user that has never been done? How do I transmit it? How can I give value to my content? Only by answering these questions will you be able to create content that has real value.

4. Create timeless content

Positioning an article or page takes time, so you should focus on writing timeless content. It won't help you to create breaking news or ephemeral topics that are still in development. Current news will stop receiving searches shortly afterward because as the days go by new news and updates will leave your content completely obsolete.

Tip: Does your project need the creation of seasonal content? No problem, one trick is that you go ahead and publish content before the need begins. For example: Do you want to create an article that talks about the best concerts in 2020 but we are still at the beginning of 2019? No problem, create the content now and by the time 2020 arrives and searches increase your article, it will have already positioned.

5. Yes, the links are still important.

Getting links is still essential in any SEO strategy, although it may seem somewhat cumbersome, obtaining reference domains that link us will increase our online authority and search engines understand your position in the sector. Links from forums, directories, post as a guest on your friends' blogs, hire an SEO agency to implement a link building strategy.

These are fast and effective ways to get your first links.

Tip: Always try to get links from websites of the same theme, in this way you will ensure that Google and other search engines understand that your project is really going.

These are just 5 tips to start creating an effective SEO strategy, however, SEO is much more than a few tricks and tips. Actually, the best SEO trick we can give you is that there are no SEO tricks.

Organic positioning requires work and perseverance. It's like cooking: everyone has the ingredients to position on Google, but the dishes we make with them will depend on the experience and the desire that each one puts. 

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